‘s has been confirmed as the female lead role of Luisa for upcoming South Korean musical ‘‘, and this marks her second musical following ‘High School Musical’.

Her agency revealed, “Choa took on a introverted and shy role in ‘High School Musical’ last year, but she will be taking on the role of Luisa in ‘Zorro’ who is a beautiful character that has a strong mind, and will mark a 180° transformation from her previous musical role.”

‘Zorro’ is based on the original story of the same name by Chilean author Isabel Allende, and is one of the classics of Europe while also drawing attention for its swashbuckling sword fights.

The musical ‘Zorro’ will be played from August 27th until October 26th at Chungmoo Art Hall’s grand theatre.

By: General News Team

AOA's Choa to lead upcoming musical 'Zorro'