Park Si Yeon

Actress recently did a commercial photo shoot for jewellery brand, mzuu. The jewellery brand was founded and designed by Park Si Yeon’s sister, and the actress has helped out her sister many times by modelling for it.

The concept for this photo shoot was named ‘Off the Chain’, and Park Si Yeon would be present at every creative meeting, so that she can model it in the best way possible, while also offering suggestions at the same time.

In the photos, Park Si Yeon shows off her usual ‘queen’ aura, while smirking in some, which served as a sharp contrast to the ‘Off the Chain’ concept.

Park Si Yeon also sought to raise awareness for the less privileged through this particular commercial. During ‘Family Month’ in May, Park Si Yeon had indicated that muzz would be donating to help children stricken with serious illnesses, and the they would be continuing to do their part for charity.

Meanwhile, Park Si Yeon is set to make her small screen return through TV Chosun drama ‘The Greatest Marriage’ this September.

By: Yang Ji Won