recently went on SBS POWER FM ‘Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School’ radio program, where they revealed why their former member, , left the group just less than a month ago.

Do Hee said, “Myeong Ji was a child actress, and had always wanted to continue being an actress, so she decided to head down that path.” As for Tiny-G continuing with three members, Do Hee said, “We made our debut as a 4-member group and did promotions. But the departure of Myeong Ji has left us feeling empty somewhat. We are trying our best to fill that empty spot of late. The three of us are of the same age, so we have similar thoughts. Myeong Ji might have left the group, but she has also gave us encouragement.”

Myeong Ji’s last album with Tiny-G was the group’s 3rd single ‘Missing You’ last October, and she had left the group to focus fully on her acting career.

Meanwhile, Tiny-G released their 4th single ‘ICE BABY’ on July 3rd, and is currently in the midst of promotions.

By: Lee Hyun Yong