Park Bo Ram

Rookie female soloist made her mark through cable channel Mnet reality talent program ‘Superstar K2’, and impressed with her maturity and explosive vocals that were unfitting for her young age. She is finally making her official debut four years after ‘Superstar K2’ ended.

In the past four years, Park Bo Ram has certainly undergone a drastic transformation on the outside and inside. “I am the short-haired and plump girl Park Bo Ram from ‘Superstar K2’ who is finally making her debut four years later,” which was how she introduced herself. Four years down the road, she certainly astounded me with her drastic weight loss of 32 kilos and defined facial features.

With regards to the four years since ‘Superstar K2’, Park Bo Ram said, “I took lessons on performing, playing instruments, guitar playing, song composing, and others. My focus is still on music.” Besides ballads, Park Bo Ram hopes that she can do all kinds of music genres, so she also picked up knowledge on producing and composing music.

Why did she debut later than her fellow ‘Superstar K2’ participants? Park Bo Ram explained, “I wasn’t sufficiently prepared, so I felt that it would look better if I prepared more. I was really envious of my friends when I saw them debuting. Huh Gak oppa also got No.1, and I was really envious of that. But I then felt that I was still young, so I shouldn’t mind it too much. But I will also have thoughts of when I will get to step on that stage, and when I will get to debut. I am finally going to debut soon, and have also got interviewed. That have really got me feeling that it’s all coming together, and there’s no turning back, I am finally debuting.”

As for her late debut four years later, Park Bo Ram said, “I have a light floating feeling. But I am not really nervous. I just feel very excited and curious, and am looking forward to my performance on stage, and how everyone reacts to me.”

Park Bo Ram’s debut title song ‘Beautiful’ tells the story of herself who undergone a drastic transformation in appearance. Having made a name for herself with ballads and being nicknamed ‘Iron Lungs’ in ‘Superstar K2’, Park Bo Ram is actually making her debut with a fast-paced song instead. “I hope that everyone can see a different side of me. But everyone must remember the previous me, and realize that I have gotten more beautiful now after slimming down drastically.”

With a plethora of rookie singers in the market, Park Bo Ram is bravely taking a step forward and claims that her drastic appearance transformation is her secret weapon. “My previous look and body was a weapon, which is then followed by my vocals. I have undergone a drastic change in appearance, but I also wish to win praise from everyone by singing songs that I have done in the past.”

Having held on to the dream of debuting all this while, Park Bo Ram said, “After realizing a dream, you will grow to have another one, and become ambitious. I have always thought of making my debut in the past four years. But after debuting, the thing that I want to do the most is searching for my name on music websites, and then hearing my song while seeing my music video.”

Having been on hiatus for four years, Park Bo Ram who has only just turned 20 this year, has a richer experience than most of her peers. With her good looks and talent, Park Bo Ram is also aiming for a push into the acting and variety fields outside of singing. “In the four years, I have been working hard for my debut. My title song is a genre that I am showing for the first time, so everyone will be shocked, while there will be some who would be disappointed because they expected something else. But I will continue to show different sides of me in future, and hope that girls who are trying to lose weight will also find success like me. I also hope that this song will become a regularly played song at health clubs.”

By: Kang Hyo Jin