Idol boy group (Bangtan Boys) recently released a compilation video of dance rehearsals that they had done while in the cities of Seoul, Berlin, São Paulo, Stockholm, and Las Vegas.

The footage was captured during BTS’s overseas trip between end July and early August, when they headed to Europe and South America for fan meetings, as well as their recent trip to Las Vegas for the annual K-Pop convention, K-CON, and were then compiled into one video.

The BTS members puts in training of up to 16 hours and above daily, and would encourage each other after training regardless of how tired they were. The earnest training images of the members definitely left a huge impression on those who have seen the video. The members would also joke around in between breaks during rehearsals, and the studio was always filled with laughter, and left one being able to feel their great chemistry and teamwork.

Meanwhile, BTS recently released their new song ‘Danger’ on August 20th, and is currently in the midst of promotions.

By: Kang Hyo Jin