Singer and producer has revealed the MV for his new song ‘Men Without Women’ on August 26th through his Facebook and Twitter. The MV was for the August edition of his Monthly Project album, and has also garnered much attention for the featuring of actor .

The MV tells the story of a man who is afraid of listening to the reason on why his former girlfriend had left him, and refuses to pick up the phone in the early morning hours. But he eventually picks up the phone, but his conflicted feelings is displayed in full all over his face.

Yoon Jong Shin tweeted, “As I was reading ′s short story, ‘Men Without Women’, which will be out tomorrow, I was reminded of the times between 2002 – 2004 where I felt like I was on the verge of dying. So I gained inspiration and wrote this song of the same title. The setting of MV was decorated and filmed with the feelings of that night and that room,” as he revealed that the song encompasses his personal experiences and feelings.

The release of Yoon Jong Shin’s Monthly Project Album was a collaborative release effort with Haruki Murakami’s new short story ‘Men Without Women’, and had drew much attention prior to release. Not only was the name of both works the same, but the album cover and lyrics were also related to the short story. Yoon Jong Shin had drawn inspiration after reading the original draft of the short story, before penning the song.

‘Men Without Women’ is Haruki Murakami′s newest short story which comes nine years after his last work, and is highly anticipated by fans of Haruki Murakami in South Korea. As such, Yoon Jong Shin’s new album has not only garnered attention in the music scene, but also the literary scene.

Yoon Jong Shin’s new album will be released on August 27th through all major music websites, and also coincides with the release of Haruki Murakami′s short story, ‘Men Without Women,’ on the same day.

By: General News Team