Shin Ha Kyun

Actor recently did a photo shoot for ‘InStyle’ fashion magazine, where he showed off the body that he had worked out for his role in the movie ‘The Age of Innocence’.

Shin Ha Kyun said in the midst of the shooting, “I trained really hard for my movie role, and it feels like I’m flaunting my body now, and it’s really embarrassing,” but he then showed his professionalism as an actor and completed the shooting successfully.

The actor revealed in the interview, “My role is to get more people into the flow of the story, and feel the character. The interaction with viewers through each of my work, always makes me feel like I’m shining brightly.”

As for the ideal woman who would become his wife, Shin Ha Kyun said, “Just like how I am seeking a good production, I am also working hard to find the love of my life. I like women who have a bright personality, and likes people who gives people a comfortable feeling to be around with. So I hope that my other half would be as comfortable as a beautiful sport apparel.”

By: Choi In Hee

Shin Ha Kyun wants to find someone who is as comfortable as sports apparel