BTS photos of ‘s from the film site of the group’s ‘I SWEAR’ MV in Saipan were released today, where the idol star is seen flaunting her exceptional body figure.

The unedited photos of Soyou from Saipan were released through SISTAR’s official Twitter with the tweet, “Enjoying a relaxing time in Saipan, haha. Please remember to catch the performance of ‘I SWEAR’ on Mnet ‘M Countdown’ today.”

In the photos, Soyou is seen wearing a mid-riff bearing tight top paired with hot pants, as she lazed around on a long bench, and spent a relaxing time browsing on her smartphone. Soyou’s 11-shaped abs and cola bottle-like figure drew much attention from fans.

SISTAR released their special album ‘Sweet & Sour’ earlier this week on August 26th through all major music websites. Their title song ‘I SWEAR’ has since occupied the top spot on eleven music charts including Melon and more in South Korea. After gaining top spot just a few weeks ago with ‘Touch my body’, SISTAR has once again achieved the best result possible with their new song ‘I SWEAR’.

SISTAR’s title song ‘I Swear’ was put together by Duble Sidekick and Glory Face who last produced ‘Loving U’ for the girl group. The lyrics speak of a love confession for the one that you love, and the innocent confession helped to create a heart palpitating moment. In addition, one can also witness SISTAR’s unique healthy beauty through the ‘I SWEAR’ MV, and will definitely leave you envious of them.

The special album also includes several of SISTAR’s past hit songs that have been given a new spin by electronic artists like House Rulez, Glen Check, Reno, DJ Smells, and others. The original melody of the songs were retained, while the mood of the songs were given an unpredictable twist with changes.

SISTAR will be embarking on a series of promotional activities for their ‘Sweet & Sour’ special album starting from tonight.

By: Kang Hyo Jin