Having recently made the decision to stop all her activities, there’s a high chance that f(x)’s might also skip promotional activities for her South Korean movie ‘‘ where she plays the lead female role. But the movie’s production company revealed, “The schedules haven’t been fixed, and we haven’t discussed with the cast members also.”

The production company revealed that ‘Fashion King’ is set for release this autumn, and promotional activities usually get started a month before opening in cinemas. If Sulli does attend the promotional activities, it would mark a new start for her in her career.

Shortly after Sulli went on hiatus, there was confirmation that she was indeed dating Dynamic Duo’s Choiza. There were much rumors about the two in the past year that they were in a relationship, but they kept denying until the confirmation recently. Sulli’s sudden confirmation led to much unhappiness among the media and fans, and the idol star’s image has since plunged drastically as a result.

If Sulli does appear for her movie’s promotional activities, there will be much spotlight on how she will face the media for the first time, since she went public about her relationship with Choiza. If Sulli doesn’t attend promotional activities, she is likely to face even more backlash for being irresponsible and not fulfilling her duties as the movie’s lead actress.

Sulli had announced her sudden hiatus while her group f(x) was in the midst of promoting their new single ‘Red Light’, and the group eventually ended their promotions much earlier than planned. Sulli also failed to appear in promotional activities for her movie ‘The Pirates’ where she played a supporting role, and she also skipped SMTOWN LIVE World Tour on August 15th in Seoul.

‘Fashion King’ is based on the webcomic of the same name, and tells the story of a high school student who decides to become the most fabulous man in the world, in order to match up with the most pretty girl in his class. The lead role of Woo Ki Myung is played by Joo Won, and he is joined by Sulli, Park Se Young, Ahn Jae Hyeon, and many others.

By: Kim Jin Sung