SISTAR’s and has released the MV teaser for their collaborative duet ‘The Space Between,’ and stars actors and .

Ahn Jae Hyeon and Nam Bora played a couple who had just started an office relationship. Nam Bo Ra is seen taking the lead here by giving Ahn Jae Hyeon a kiss, while the latter appears shy and reserved, and stoked the romance feel-good factor in those who have seen the teaser.

Soyou had previously collaborated with Junggigo for the duet ‘Some’ earlier this year, which dominated music charts, became a trendy song which one must sing, and naturally became one of the hottest songs in 2014.

‘The Space Between’ serves as a sequel to ‘Some,’ where it tries to present the moment where one squeezes out time and space to meet with their loved ones. Kim Do Hoon who produced ‘Some,’ is one again the brains behind ‘The Space Between,’ as he will present the way modern people fall in love in this present age.

The agency revealed that ‘The Space Between’ might have a simple story, but it will definitely touch the hearts of those listening to it.

‘The Space Between’ will be released through all major music websites on September 26th.

By: Alvin