recently tweeted about the income distribution within , with regards to individual and group activities, and earned a lot of attention from fans. In response, her agency has confirmed that Suzy’s tweet was correct.

A JYP Entertainment representative responded on October 3rd, “We can’t reveal the exact details since it’s related to finances, but it’s just like what Suzy had tweeted, nothing pertaining to those matters have changed.”

Suzy had tweeted, “It’s true that the income is divided among the members. But the ratios for commercials, dramas, and movies are a bit different. Income earned from individual activities are also divided separately.”

She continued, “The broadcast brought up 1/N splitting, but it’s not the case now anymore even though it was done in the past. I felt that this needed to be clarified, because there’s been a lot of talk about it.”

It’s understood that Suzy was responding to a statement made by Kim Gu Ra on the October 2nd episode of jTBC program ‘War of Words.’ The panel had been in a discussion about the distribution of income among idol groups, where Suzy’s situation with miss A was highlighted by Kim Gu Ra as he seemingly showed his disapproval of the 1/N income distribution system.

Kim Gu Ra had said, “If the 1/N continues to be adopted, the miss A members excluding Suzy would be really happy.”

Meanwhile, the miss A members are currently busy with individual activities, with their last group promotions for their second full-length album ‘Hush’ happening almost a year ago in November 2013.

By: Alvin

JYP Entertainment: Suzy's tweet about miss A's income distribution is correct
JYP Entertainment: Suzy's tweet about miss A's income distribution is correct