Jang Nara, Shin Ha Kyun

It has been announced that and will headline upcoming MBC TV Wed-Thu drama ‘.’

Jang Nara plays the role of Eun Ha Soo who is a representative icon of the young jobless generation, who would think of changing jobs if she is short-changed at her part-time job pay like 500 won. She has to work from early morning till late nights to support her family, after the passing of her father. Despite her difficult life, Eun Ha Soo has a super positive attitude, and prioritizes the the happiness of her family over everything else.

After much difficulties, Eun Ha Soo finally finds a proper job at a holiday resort. She meets Choi Sin Hyung at the resort, and not only falls in love, but also discovers how precious youth is, and starts to question herself about her goals in life.

Jang Nara is making a swift return to the small screen, having won much love for her ‘post-it girl’ role as Kim Mi Young in the drama ‘Fated To Love You’ which ended its run just last month. Jang Nara will once again tackle the romance comedy genre through ‘Mr Baek,’ where she revealed that she was attracted by the story, and hopes to let everyone see a new side of her through her new role.

‘Mr Baek’ tells the story of a 70-year-old man who has everything from wealth, fame and status, but finds himself becoming a 30 year old man one day, and begins to discover the true meaning of love that he has never experienced before.

The drama will premiere in November, and take over from ‘The Spring Day of My Life.’

By: Alvin