Following the news of ‘s lawsuit to terminate his exclusive contract with earlier today, the agency has now responded with an official statement about the matter.

SM said in its official statement, “We learned through the law firm that Luhan had filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract with us. Luhan had previously stated that he wanted to focus on personal activities in China rather than through EXO’s group promotions, and we were in the middle of discussions about it. So we are rather perplexed to hear about this sudden lawsuit.”

They continued, “Just like the situation involving Kris earlier, Luhan chose to file a lawsuit with the same law firm in the same manner, and in a situation when it wasn’t necessary to do so at all. We feel that after Luhan had amassed great popularity through EXO’s group activities, he has chosen to disregard the activities of the group and the interests of all involved parties, and filed a lawsuit to place his personal gain as his topmost priority.”

SM Entertainment also expressed that there seems to be some de facto power existing around Luhan, and they will actively and multilaterally work with their overseas partners including those in China and legal experts, to settle this in a calm manner.

Finally, SM revealed that EXO will continue with their activities as normal with no hindrance, despite Luhan’s lawsuit.

Luhan had filed a lawsuit at the Seoul Central Court this morning (October 10th), to terminate his exclusive contract with the agency.

By: Alvin