The October 12th episode of MBC TV program ‘Section TV Entertainment’ offered fans a glimpse of what took place behind the scenes at the recent ‘ Live in Tokyo’ concert on October 5th.

Notable absentees on the day included Sooyoung who was filming her drama, while Jessica had been booted out of the group a few days earlier, but still performed as normal with seven members on stage. During a break in between performances, is seen watching Henry’s performance as she said, “The sky’s really pretty, and although I’m watching Henry’s performance, but the backdrop is simply stunning. The fans will definitely miss us, and the atmosphere will be really explosive.”

said, “We previously performed at Tokyo Dome, and there are more seating this time, so there will be more fans as well.”

The Girls’ Generation wore smiles on their faces from start to finish as they performed on stage, and the absence of Jessica had negligible effect.

Jessica had delivered a bombshell on September 30th, where she wrote on Weibo that she had been booted out of Girls’ Generation. Later on the same day, SM Entertainment confirmed Jessica’s expulsion from Girls’ Generation, and said that Jessica had been preparing to leave the group since spring of this year, after releasing one more album with them.

By: Alvin

'Section TV Entertainment' shows recent footage of SMTOWN Live in Tokyo