has announced that will soon make a comeback.

Taeyang held his ‘2014 Taeyang Concert- Rise’ from October 10th to 12th at the Olympic Hall in Seoul’s Olympic Park.

Before the conclusion of the concert, Taeyang prepared a special corner where he answered questions posed by fans. There was a question where a fan asked when will Big Bang make a comeback, to which Taeyang replied, “I believe everyone really wants to know news about the members as well as the new album.”

The Big Bang members have been busy with their respective individual activities of late, so a group comeback that had been scheduled for earlier this year, was postponed indefinitely and left many fans feeling disappointed.

G-Dragon had said on August 18th at the ‘AIA REAL LIFE: NOW Festival 2014,’ that Big Bang would make a comeback by the end of the year, and that brought much joy to fans. G-Dragon had said, “It will be Big Bang’s 8th year anniversary next week. It’s been a long time since Big Bang released an album. I should be working hard on the album, but I got out of hand playing. I will work hard to ensure that we can release a new album before the year ends.”

Big Bang’s comeback was somewhat derailed however, with Seungri’s car accident last month. Taeyang said, “I know we have made many worried with several issues of late. As everyone knows, we often say that we get swept by large waves during a storm. But once these things go by, clear and refreshing skies will follow. I feel that Big Bang’s comeback will become a good foundation.”

Taeyang continued, “I hope that we can quickly come back to everyone’s side with good music, and I have been working on new songs in the studio recently. The members and I hope to repay everyone’s love with good music, and are working hard to make that come true. It’s already our 9th year since we made our debut. It’s a time that seems short or long depending on how you view it, and we want to thank everyone for their continuous love. You need not be thankful for us, as we will be thankful instead. I think Big Bang has shown a lot of things over these years. I hope that everyone will continue to support, watch over us, and love us five,” as he asked for continuous support for all 5 Big Bang members.

At the concert, Taeyang sang songs like ‘Superstar,’ ‘Move,’ ‘You′re My,’ ‘I Need a Girl,’ and ‘Wedding Dress,’ from his first album ‘SOLAR,’ as well as ‘Body,’ ‘Eyes Nose Lips,’ ‘This Ain′t It,’ ‘Ringa Linga,’ ‘1AM,’ ‘Stay With Me,’ ‘Love You to Death,’ and more from his second album ‘Rise’ that was released in June.

By: Alvin