ZE:A’s Im and miss A’s recently came out tops in a poll by a social meeting service, as the most wanted celebrities to go on a first snow date with.

The social meeting service, ‘Meetinghallae’ (www.meetinghallae.com), had done a poll on 674 university students, and single adult workers aged between 20 to 40 on the topic of ‘Celebrities you want to go on a first snow date with.’

Results showed that 25 percent of males chose miss A’s Suzy, while 23 percent of females wanted Im Si Wan of ZE:A.

Kang Dong Won was second (21%), So Ji Sub (19%) was third, and Lee Jong Suk (16%) was 4th, with not much separating them. Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung was second (23%), Han Ye Seul was 3rd (20%), while Son Ye Jin came in 4th (15%).

Netizens commented, “Im Si Wan is really the trend recently,” “My heart just flutters on seeing their names,” “It will be an unforgettable winter if I was able to spend my first snow date with them.”

By: Alvin