Han Ye Seul

With rumors surfacing recently that actress had broken up with her producer boyfriend, , the former has now stated that their relationship is still going strong and stable.”

Han Ye Seul is currently busy with filming for her SBS TV weekend drama ‘Birth of a Beauty,’ but she is still able to find time for dates with Teddy whenever she has a break in between filming. A close affiliate of Han Ye Seul said, “The two are still together, and they have a lot in common. They communicate well, and their relationship is stable.”

Meanwhile, it is reported that the background of Han Ye Seul’s mobile phone and her chat window is Teddy. The team for ‘Birth of a Beauty’ also revealed that Han Ye Seul is often seen chatting with Teddy on her mobile phone at the film set in between breaks during filming.

Teddy and Han Ye Seul were introduced to each other by friends early last year, before progressing to becoming a couple in May.

By: Alvin