2015 is already here, and we do have to look ahead and work hard in whatever we are doing, but there are times where we feel like stopping for a moment to relax by listening to old songs, and reminisce about the past. Here at Kpopfighting.com, we are launching an event called: ‘It’s good to reminisce about the past!’ where we will have giveaways of albums that idol stars have released in the past, and some of them would be autographed versions even! After Kim Jae Joong’s ‘WWW’ previously, this time it is the turn of…

SHINee’s second repackage album ‘Hello’! ‘WWW’ was released on October 1st, 2010, as the follow-up to their second album title song ‘LUCIFER,’ and the song’s MV dropped on October 4th. The song was a cover of ‘Holla’ by J.Cates, and the repackage album contained three new songs. During the course of their promotions, SHINee participated in ‘SM TOWN Live’ 10′ world tour on August 21st, and also performed in Shanghai, China as well as Los Angeles, America.

Kpopfighting.com will now be giving away a copy of SHINee’s ‘Hello’ repackage album! If you like SHINee, there’s no time to waste!

Event duration: Contest over

Winner: 黃俐錦

How to join: Please complete the following (1, 2), and we will choose a winner from among the entries that we have received.
1) Login to your Facebook, and share this page

2) Fill up the form below with your personal particulars.

1) You can only enter once. Repeated entries will void your chances.
2) Kpopfighting.com will choose winners at random, and notify them through email.
3) Kpopfighting.com has the right to change the details and rules of the giveaway at their own discretion, without the need for any notification.
4) Information collected will only be used for this giveaway.

By: Alvin