Dropped on February 11, a mysterious image of the Lovelyz caught fans’ attention through their twitter post.

Woollim Entertainment’s girl group, Lovelyz, shared an achromatic photo that shows only the lower part of their body. The girls are standing in a diagonal line and seem all wearing classic black dresses, knee-high white socks and black stiletto shoes. At the corner of the photo, their logo which is used to be pink is shown in color blue with a “coming soon” below.

Lovelyz debuted with seven members only in November 2014 with “Candy Jelly Love” when they are initially introduced having eight members however, Seo Ji Soo had been in an issue when the girl group was about to debut. People are now puzzled if she will be coming back with the rest.

Comeback of Lovelyz hasn’t much information yet but stay tuned as you wait for the next updates.