As many of the EXO-Ls out there may know by now, SM has released a new video teaser featuring EXO‘s dancing machine, Kai!

On the eve of March 18, just before the strike of midnight, EXO-Ls were treated to a surprise when SM uploaded a video clip entitled, ‘Pathcode #KAI.’

The first ‘Pathcode’ teaser starts with a panoramic scene of the famous London Bridge. Next, Kai can be seen wandering around the bustling streets of London at 3 in the afternoon while being followed by the constant shuttering of a camera. He then appears in a rooftop and suddenly receives a message on his phone, before finally disappearing into a puff of smoke.

To make it more mysterious, the 56-second teaser ended with the word ‘EXODUS.’ It left the fans wondering whether it will be the title for the group’s anticipated second full-length album.

Turns out the fans were right. EXO will be returning on the stage on March 30 to promote their newest album, ‘EXODUS.’

Earlier on, during the press conference for EXO’s second solo concert in Seoul, leader Suho announced that EXO’s comeback title track will be ‘Call Me Baby.’

Stay tuned for more of EXO’s ‘Pathcode’ teasers and comeback updates!