CNBLUE member Kang Min Hyuk will be guesting on MBC‘s variety program, “I Live Alone.”

According to a representative, Kang Min Hyuk has finished chis first filming for the show on June 10. He is expected to show a candid look which will disclose his real life through the show. An insider from MBC told the media on June 12, “Kang Min Hyuk will be on ‘I Live Alone.’ He will not be a mainstay of the show, but he appeared as part of ‘The Rainbow Live’ corner.”

“The Rainbow Live” corner is a guest system, wherein celebrities that are invited will take part in the activity of the show, filming their personal life alone, and later sharing their footage with the regular cast of the TV show. However, if the guest celebrities were commended by the audience, having positive reactions from the viewers, they will be hired as a regular cast member of ” I Live Alone”, like Kim Dong Wan of Shinhwa.

No exact date for Min Hyuk’s appearance on the show has yet to be announced. Please stay tuned!