On August 6th, So Ji Sub released the music video teaser for his track “Coke Bottle Baby.”

The colorful and spunky music video teaser came to the surprise of many fans who did not anticipate the actor’s return to the music scene. So Ji Sub enters the music video teaser with a disgruntled look before various women are shown posing with Coca Cola bottles.

The soda bottles are a running motif meant to symbolize the ideal body of a woman as the bright red also catches viewers’ attention. Meanwhile, So Ji Sub himself is suited up in a slick black and white casual suit

“Coke Bottle Baby” will be his newest work following on the footsteps of his single SO GANZI in July and mini-album 18 Years that was released last June with the help of Soul Dive.

The new song is expected to be released on August 10th while the celebrity will continue to meet fans through his Asia tour in Japan on August 28th in Kobe and 30th in Tokyo.