ZE:A presents the sub-unit ZE:A J as they kick off promotions for their upcoming album release in China.

According to Star Empire on August 6th, ZE:A J will be embark on their first set of promotional activities this week with the release of their first single through online music sites in the country.

Along with the album release, the music video for their title track “Marry Me” will also be released on PPTV, Tudou and more simultaneously.

It was further revealed that “Marry Me” is a song about a man confessing his love to his woman and was written and produced by Dongjun.

Meanwhile, along with their album release, the member were also chosen to be brand ambassadors for Dr. Hancy and will also hold a fan meeting on August 20th.

Check their MV with this link : http://m.yinyuetai.com/video/2345674