M.I.B member KangNam recently filmed a pictorial for the September issue of ‘The Celebrity’ magazine, as he commemorated his 1st year anniversary in variety.

He said in his interview, “I actually get by in life until now, by observing others. We have a chatting group among our Rainbow club members from ‘I Live Alone,’ and we basically talk everyday. I was able to survive in the variety field until now, because I have a lot of good people around me. The first line of contact was my Rainbow club members, when I discovered worms in my house.”

KangNam also revealed that he was scared of being lonely, “Maybe it’s because I’m an only child, so I often talk to people because of my loneliness, and my personality was slowly cultivated from this.”

As for whether he feels fatigued from appearing on so many programs, KangNam replied coolly, “I wasn’t earning anything when I wasn’t popular. I kept thinking about when my fortunes would change for the better. This uncertain period was really tough on me. I was often depressed on what I should do with my life. There was a time where I deliberated over either giving up, or continue to give it a go. So I am really happy with my present situation.”

‘The Celebrity’ said, “KangNam is able to strike up conversations on the streets with total strangers, and become friends with them. Even when his bank account only has 3,000 dollars left, he would say that ‘there’s still 3,000 dollars.’ We are really impressed by his strong survival instincts, and crafted the pictorial and interview based on that.”

KangNam also revealed his ambition as a singer, “Regardless of whether I gain recognition or not, I still hope to show many sides of me through music.”

By: Alvin