Korea Joa is a Korean Culture Coverage Project organized by KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange), where participants are invited to cover and experience ten days of events covering Korean culture and entertainment, encompassing films, dramas, and K-Pop in Seoul and Busan.

I will be writing on my experiences, and here’s what happened on day three & four!

It was my second day in Busan yesterday, and we went to catch the movie ‘The Silenced’ starring Park Bo Young. As the end credits rolled on the big screen, Park Bo Young, Park So Dam, and the director appeared on the stage to be interviewed! I really have to say this – Park Bo Young is really adorable!


We then visited some attractions, before hitting the karaoke room at night. The mood was superb!


「Will be leaving Busan in a few moments~
I was thinking that I was still in Haeundae last night, but I did not go to the beach! It was really beautiful~
So I decided to have a quick breakfast today, before heading down!
Then I would pack up my belongings quickly」

On the journey back to Seoul, we brought some snacks at the highway rest area. I have to say that I am really in love with the rest areas. Compared to the ones found in the Mainland, the feeling is so much different~


The delicious food that are being sold~


We went to see iKON’s debut concert ‘SHOWTIME’ after returning to Seoul! The fans had been waiting for a long time, and it’s finally happening!


Frankly, I don’t have a special interest in iKON. I only know they are under YG Entertainment, and they have a television program, etc. And they are all so young!


But now, I have to say that I have truly fallen in love with iKON! I believe it’s not too late!

The concert started off by showing footage of them losing on a program, until this moment where they were having their debut showcase. I even started tearing.

They were really adorable and energetic, and there were even congratulatory performances from their seniors EPIK HIGH and JINUSEAN who showed their support.

There was a special incident during the concert, where those in the standing area lurched forward against the barrier. To prevent any safety issues, the organizers stopped the concert, and communicated with fans, so that everyone can continue watching safely. I found this instance where the organizers personally told fans to back off for the safety of themselves and fellow concert-goers, to be rather refreshing.

It has been super tiring these few days! Aja aja fighting~

By: Alvin