Shut Up and Surf

Many know that former After School leader Kahi was a backdancer for BoA previously, but it has now been revealed that she did the same thing for legendary group g.o.d as well.

In the recent premiere of XTM variety program ‘Shut Up and Surf’ on October 6th, the cast members met up for the first time. As g.o.d member Park Joon Hyung met Kahi at the airport, he said with amazement, “Since when did she (Kahi) became an entertainer?” as he once again showed how detached he was from reality.

Park continued, “Kahi used to be a backdancer for g.o.d, and she must have gone to 100 shows with us. She was always paired up with me.”

Viewers commented, “Kahi was a backdancer for g.o.d? That’s so cool,” “She is really the best dancer.”

By: Alvin