Korea Joa is a Korean Culture Coverage Project organized by KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange), where participants are invited to cover and experience ten days of events covering Korean culture and entertainment, encompassing films, dramas, and K-Pop in Seoul and Busan.

I will be writing on my experiences, and here’s what happened on day five & six!

What has left the deepest impression on me during my Korea Joa trip in the past 2 days? The last performance of Donghae and Eunhyuk before they enlist, and of course the night scenery in Seoul.

In the first day after coming back to Seoul, we only gathered at 12 noon (finally more sleep!). Our first stop was to visit Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil. I like the feel that this place gives me, but I am not sure how I should describe it. But it’s just that it’s a good place to shop and date~

We walked around two hours there, had a delicious lunch, and then headed to the LINE STORE~ it was no joke, there was so many people inside, and everyone was busy shopping or taking pictures. And it was testament to their popularity~ (Many of Brown’s merchandise were all sold out!)


Super adorable right? There was an even larger Brown inside where people were lining up to take pictures with! We also saw the Trick Art paintings, and the painting of Ji Chang Wook was really life-like!


We then went to SMTown Coex Artium! I had been looking forward to this for a long time! I don’t really have anything to buy in mind, but I always wanted to see this heaven for SM fans.

If you really like SMTOWN artists, you will definitely have stars in your eyes for a long time right until the time you leave the place. You will also feel really thrilled to be there!


You can find their autographs, and the things that they have used all over the place, and it’s something you can’t miss out on going! Finally~ Gangnam KPOP Festival~~


I actually didn’t have much expectations. But when I learnt that I would be seeing Donghae and Eunhyuk perform their last stage before they enlist, my whole feeling changed! I was excited yet feeling reluctant at the same time! (it’s only two years, let’s wait together~)


I guess everyone could feel their passion from the performances! As they got off the stage, shrieks could be heard all over, as it was the arrival of EXO! This was something that I expected, since it was EXO afterall!


EXO~ my first time seeing them up close~~

We went to Gyeongbok Palace~ which should be familiar to most~ so I ain’t saying much!
Finally! We went for a cooking class! (What?) That’s right! The class was organized by Food & Culture Academy, and our teachers were pretty famous in Korea! Many culinary scenes that you see in numerous movies and dramas of Korea were handled by them!


This is what I made during the class~ looks good isn’t it XD
We then went to Insa-dong, and then Namsan Tower!
This was my first time going to Namsan Tower at night! I went during the day a few times before, but the scenery at night is so different!
We then went to the red carpet set of ‘You Who Came From The Star,’ and also the revolving restaurant in the tower where they had their dinner!


Seoul’s night scene~~ it’s really beautiful~ but it’s really chilling now!!!

Extra: I found this to be really amazing! This is instant Korean Bibimbap found in a convenience store!


It’s so tiring these few days~~
Unknowingly, only two days are left~ I am starting to feel reluctant about leaving! T^T

By: Alvin