Korea Joa is a Korean Culture Coverage Project organized by KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange), where participants are invited to cover and experience ten days of events covering Korean culture and entertainment in Seoul and Busan.

For the final two days, we got to interview SISTAR and watch ‘M Countdown’ in person!

Day 9 was a really busy day. After gathering in the morning, we headed to a cafe near Gwanghwamun to meet up with two Korean reporters for an interview. Thereafter, we moved to another cafe for a SISTAR interview (Koreastardaily had earlier done an interview with SISTAR, did you see it? So I didn’t ask them any questions and just listened in).


They were really beautiful in person, and I personally felt that Dasom was the most beautiful of the four. They don’t really look like themselves from the photos, and were all really slim!

After the SISTAR interview, we headed back to the hotel for a rest, and also had time to share videos and photos taken during the interview earlier. We then headed to our next destination – M Countdown live! This place must be really familiar right?


When we were in the CJ E&M building, we had dinner and I saw two people in stage outfits. It was only later that I realized that they were members of Red Velvet! But I really had no idea when I saw them. After dinner, we got to our seats. The area was filled with people queuing up to get in, and everyone must be really looking forward to this.


Frankly speaking, I didn’t really enjoy the live experience of ‘M Countdown.’ This was because those in front of me were too tall, and I couldn’t see anything as a result! When it got to the turn of GOT7 on stage however, things got better and I could see a bit clearer. Otherwise, I would have probably left the place in tears.

We went to Hongdae after leaving ‘M Countdown,’ and everyone must have known that it’s a really hip place for youngsters to gather. And it was really crowded.


This is the famous Hongdae show KTV.


We had great fun at night in Hongdae! We then went to a KTV again, and ended this rather thrilling day even though we were really tired.


I didn’t see a big patch of red leaves. What a pity.


Finally, we had to leave, and it was a great pity. And then there was everyone. But this Korea Joa experience has really left me with a deeper understanding of Korea. I was only focused on shopping previously, but I got to go to a lot of places that I usually wouldn’t have gone to for this trip, and I got to enjoy many unique experiences.

For example, the Korean highway rest areas really left a huge impression on me. So I would recommend that everyone should venture out of Seoul the next time you visit Korea, and visit other cities, and do remember to drop by the highway rest areas!

By: Alvin