Just the name alone sounds interesting, it’s situated in the seaside city of Busan. It’s not only an attraction in itself because of its red color exterior, but is also well-liked for their food.

You can have your meat either by grilling or the shabu shabu way depending on your preference. It’s really refreshing to be eating while facing the sea. There’s only 3 pages in the menu, sets, ala carte, and main dishes and drinks. But most just come for the beef.



The basic side dishes you get are kimchi and pickled cucumbers, which help greatly if you feel greased up from eating meat continuously. The kimchi sauce will definitely help you to get your appetite back, even if you feel full already. Their soup base is really simple fare, but still feels refreshing even if you are used to the usual spicy hotpots.


The equipment found in the restaurant are probably tailor constructed. You can do shabu shabu on one side, and grill your meat on the other. The soup bases are really appetizing, and helps you to eat the foods in a more flavorful manner.



Don’t you feel really hungry from all those photos?

By: Alvin