Drama ‘My Love from The Star’ helped to generate great awareness of the fried chicken + beer combo around Asia, but there’s actually an old saying in Korea which goes ‘you think of Mung Bean pancakes (Bindaetteok) on rainy days.’ Here’s introducing Jongno Bindaetteok located in Jongno-gu, Gwanghwamun. It’s a rather famous restaurant that is frequented by many with long queues not an unfamiliar sight almost everyday.

The main ingredient of Mung Bean Pancakes is ground mung beans which replaces flour, and makes the overall texture more crunchy when fried. It also has a refreshing smell unique to mung beans. Besides their trademark dish, they also have various types of pancakes like oyster mung bean pancakes, seafood mung bean pancakes, and others.



This is the main chef as he is seen dousing his skillet with mung bean powder. He then simultaneously adds green onions, eggs, seafood, before taking it out once both sides turns yellowish-brown to indicate that it is crispy and ready for comsumption.


You definitely must eat the side dish of soy sauce onion to increase the freshness, and top it off with a cup of rice wine. The kimchi radish soup can help to weed off the greasiness, and allow you to slip in a few more bites.


It might look just like any other pancakes on the outside, but the filling inside includes prawns, oysters, pork, and onions. The outside is crispy when bitten into, and is full of savory aroma thanks to the meat. It doesn’t feel like you are eating flour after you consume it, but it’s a taste that you can only describe upon eating it.


Besides the must-eat Bindaetteok, the restaurant also sells Seafood Pancakes, Kongguksu (seasonal Korean noodle dish served in a cold soy milk broth), and other foods.

By: Alvin