It’s winter time in Korea at this moment, with snow falling and will continue to do so until next year. So one must take care to guard yourself against the chill by wearing thick winter clothing and others, if you are traveling to Korea for a vacation.



It’s thus ideal to enter a cafe in this weather, and have a cup of hot coffee while watching people walk by on the streets from the window. Cafes in Korea have at this time prepared many treats and deals for the Christmas season.



HOLLYS COFFEE shouldn’t be unfamiliar since it was featured prominently in recent hit drama series ‘She Was Pretty.’ They have released many winter desserts focusing on mint and pink strawberry flavors, and Berry Delight Chocolate is something you should definitely try.

The sour taste of the berries when mixed with the thickness of the white chocolate, really makes it a taste that can’t be described simply in words alone. The latte art on top of the cup of coffee only makes the overall outlook look even more adorable.


TOMNTOMS COFFEE has released a Praline series dessert (chocolate, peppermint, caramel, and mocha) for 6,500 won each. You can get a biodegradable cup for each purchase now.


Angel-in-us Coffee which is endorsed by Shin Min Ah has released an orange Americano drink which is highly popular with consumers. The bitter taste of Americano when mixed with the sourish sweet taste of orange, will definitely give you a special taste this winter.

By: Alvin