Many Korean celebrities have invested in a second career by opening guest houses or even a hotel. Naturally, they will incorprate the celebrity’s personaltiy in terms of design and decor. You can probably book a room there if you are visiting Korea for a different feel.

The family of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has opened a guest house in Myeongdong which is known as MOM HOUSE, and is the abbreviation for Music Of Mountain House.


The location is really convenient, and many E.L.F have already booked a room for the experience. There are many little gifts from E.L.F’s to Kyuhyun on display here.


There’s a main and secondary building, with the former for tourists on a temporary stay, while the latter is for those on long stays like coming to Korea to work, exchange program, and others. There are also facilities like a cafe, sky garden, and others.

Kim Junsu of JYJ like the sun and sea, so it’s no wonder he opened the Toscana Hotel on Jeju Island! The night time view of the hotel is simply heavenly.


But the view in day time is equally good too.


Of course you would prefer to go anytime for a glimpse of your idol.


G-Dragon gifted his parents a holiday resort called Dolce Vita, which means a life of luxury in Italian. He also has Dolce Vita tattooed on his arm. The interior design and decor are all designed by G-Dragon, and even the sculpture was done by him. As it’s situated in a quiet location, it’s like being alone in a mountain.


The interior is really G-Dragon like. The rooms are all named after his songs like Crayon, Tonight, Blue, and there’s even one called VIP.


There’s a open balcony and luxury pool in every room, and it’s really luxurious.


There’s a piano at the cafe which will be familiar to fans, as it appears many MVs of G-Dragon. The graffiti wall allows fans and G-Dragon to interact closely.


By: Alvin