Filming for Kim Soo Hyun’s new film ‘REAL’ will begin in January 2016, and he will be joined by veterans like Sung Dong Il, Lee Geung Young, Lee Sung Min, and many others.

‘REAL’ is an action noir that will tell the story of a talented ‘fixer’ known as Jang Tae Young (Kim Soo Hyun) who solves everything that’s requested from the underworld without fail, until one day where he is confronted by an investigative reporter.

Viewers can expect to see a rarely seen cold-blooded image of Kim Soo Hyun, as his character Jang Tae Young aspires to conquer the city by building a large scale casino, and will seek to find success through any means possible even if it’s brutal.

Sung Dong Il will play ruthless and charismatic gang leader Jo Won Geun, who is the direct rival to Jang Tae Young. Lee Geung Young is cast as No Yeom, who was a former detective but is now a reporter. Lee Sung Min will have lots of scenes with Kim Soo Hyun, as he plays doctor Choi Jin Ki at the VVIP rehabilitation hospital, of which Jang Tae Young frequents.

Rookie actress Han Ji Eun will play rising actress Han Ye Won, while former f(x) member Sulli will play Song Yu Hwa, who is a physical therapist at the VVIP rehabilitation hospital.

The film recently received a huge investment from Alibaba Pictures, and will be written and directed by Lee Jung Sub. It’s scheduled to open in cinemas in the later half of 2016.

By: Alvin