Ramyun is known to be the leader of junk food, and everyone knows that it’s best to consume as little of it as possible. But their popularity has never waned once, and is actually on the rise. When one particular of ramyun flavor dies down, another one will take their place instantly.

There are many different kind of ramyun noodles in the market nowadays. The ones released by Ottogi, Nongshim, and Samyang are most famous among consumer, and have flavors ranging from traditional Chinese flavor, spicy types, and there’s certainly one that will suit your taste. There’s even a 3mm wide noodles, that promises to be more crunchy.

When one finishes a bowl or cup, they would feel that they just aren’t full yet. It’s probably due to the weather, as a hot bowl/cup of ramen is definitely your best companion on a cold and empty night.

Netizens like to do taste tests on various brands, and give their own reviews online. There’s also a variety of ways to cook them, from adding eggs, prawns, to extravagant ingredients like crabs and lobsters. Besides that, it’s really hard to determine which is the best. So it’s still best to do a taste test yourself.






By: Alvin