Year-end gatherings are aplenty at this time of the year in Korea as we say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, and the most seen item on dining tables is definitely soju.

Soju is clear and colorless, and doesn’t have a high alcohol content usually. But it’s simply addictive, and some can’t pull themselves from it. Even though who don’t drink often, tend to have one or two sips. The popularity of soju has long gone overseas, but they are not content with the present, and are seeking to push the popularity even higher.

A new revolution took place this year, and that’s adding coloring to the usual soju with fruity flavors. Even the bottle caps have colors now according to their flavors. How many people can resist such colorful looking bottles, and there’s even soju lovers who have taken to collecting the caps now.

It’s definitely a shining star on the dining table at year-end gatherings, and you should take the opportunity to try out as many flavors as possible.







By: Alvin