You definitely must eat and drink to your heart’s content when you go to Korea for a vacation, but restaurant prices at tourist places aren’t really cheap to begin with. So where can you find restaurants that offer affordable local fare? The answer is 무한리필!

I went to an unlimited refill restaurant during my September vacation, and it was called Shellfish Warehouse Buffet. The Shellfish BBQ only goes for 25,000 KRW, and offers unlimited refills of shellfish without any timing restrictions. The location is also pretty easy to get to as it’s near Wangsimni station, and there were quite a number of tourists even.

Unlimited refills doesn’t mean it’s not delicious or not fresh. The shellfish are inside the tank for you to pick, and are definitely fresh. There are many varieties, and you can have a wider range to pick from if you go earlier. There’s also vegetables and meat which also unlimited refills. Drink are charged separately at an affordable price, while water is free.

Restaurants that offer unlimited refills in Korea aren’t rare, but they aren’t usually found in tourist places. So you can probably try taking the subway next time, and frequent places that have the signboards that says 무한리필 and fill your stomachs!

Shellfish Warehouse Buffet (조개창고)
Address: 966-12 Wangsimni 2(i)-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Contact: 010-2650-0449
Operating hours: Monday – Saturday 5PM – 1AM, Sunday 5PM – midnight
Directions: Wangsimni Station, walk straight 5 mins from exit 11. Enter the left building (entrance next to Wildroses and Crocodile Apparel Shop), and it’s located at the basement.


It’s totally fresh!



It’s really delicious, and hope you will like this recommendation!

By: Alvin