A Pink's Eunji & B1A4's Baro

A Pink’s Eunji and B1A4’s Baro will be joining SBS Food Variety show ‘Three Kings of Baek Jong Won‘ as special emcees. As EXID’s Hani, one of the emcees is on leave due to her sickness for 4 weeks, so Eunji and Baro were invited to join the show as special emcee.

Bright characteristics of Eunji and Baro are expected to bring more entertainment to the viewers. Other than Eunji and Baro, gag woman, Hong Yoon Hwa and girl group, Oh My Girl will be participating in the show too.

Previously, Twice’s Tzuyu and Dahyun, Hong Jin Young were invited to be Special MCs too.

‘Three Kings of Baek Jong Won’ with Eunji and Baro as special EMc will be airing on 19 March. So stay tuned to watch them in the variety show.