It was reported that singer Eric Nam will be unveiling his home and lifestyle in public for the first time on the forthcoming episode of “I Live Alone.”

Being known for his “national good son” image, the singer can not adopt to the lifestyle of Koreans. Korean viewers are having their compassion on this non-native Korean speaker specially when setting up his TV and even on paying taxes.

During the show, Eric Nam dated with Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz. He shows how he respects and takes care of her date, not only that, he even gives her a sweet presents and a lovely song as well. The other cast members of the show are asking “Are they dating?”.

Afterwards, Eric Nam’s cute younger brothers show up together for the first time as well. The singer showing his hospitality and good attitude prepares pasta, pancakes, and different American food for them, attracting more of the viewers fall for his cooking talent.

The siblings even called up their parents who are in the U.S to congratulate them who are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. Catch on Eric Nam and his brothers in the next of “I Live Alone” on April 1 at 11:05 p.m. KST.