Ceci Magazine compiles the Korean celebrities who chose to drastically changed their hairstyle for a better look. The girls listed matched well with a shorter hair and even gained more recognition.

Here are the girls who makes a worthy changing style just like how spring changes the season:

20160320_kfashionista_ceci2Descendants of the Sun Kim Ji Won

She was known for having silky long black hair with full bangs on before her role on Descendants of the Sun and after she cut her hair to short, her beauty is more recognized and also changed her career.

20160320_kfashionista_ceci3Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Although she didn’t planned on having a short hair, due to a circumstance she cut her hair short and people praised her for it. She looked even more young and beautiful with short hair.

20160320_kfashionista_ceci4Actress Han Ji Min

Han Jimin took the classic style by cutting her hair with the natural length with no bangs.

20160320_kfashionista_ceci5After School/ Orange Caramel Lizzy

She pushed for the cute style as she cut her hair with the “C” shape emphasizing her face. She looks younger with her new hair and more suited for the Orange Caramel unique and cute concept.