Ever wanted to be made up by the make-up artists of your favorite K-pop stars but don’t have any means of experiencing it?

Don’t worry because they are finally here to make you experience them in a cheaper way. If you didn’t know, make-up artists of the celebrities are also like a celebrity themselves for they are super popular in Korea that they formulated their own cosmetic line to reach everyone who adores them.

They created cosmetic lines in sync with the newest technology and trend of Korean beauty. Here are some of the famous korean makeup artist brands you should own by now:

1) Pony Effect by Pony’s Makeup (Korean Youtuber)

pony effect

2) Jungsaemmool by Jung Saem Mool


3)Chosungah22 by Cho Sung Ah (It’s rare to even buy this in Korea, you can check Sephora instead)


4) Son & Park