Rose Gold became popular ever since it was used as one of the colors of the iPhone and now in almost all the Mac products. In Korea, it’s the cherry blossoms season and the “rose gold” trend is also emerging. Several Korean beauty products are using the rose gold in their packaging and it is well loved by the consumers. Specially the cushion foundation packaging because that product is currently taking over the K-Beauty world.

Here are the rose gold KBeauty products you should’nt miss:

1) Pony Effect products with rose gold lining / Cushion Foundation

2) Nakeup Face CoverKing Powder Cushion

*very popular nowadays


3) IOPE Cushion Foundation

*IOPE is known for starting the cushion foundation trend and they revamped their packaging with rose gold.


4) Forencos Full Cover Cushion

*Newly endorsed by actor Song Joong Ki

forencos5) The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell

face shop

6) April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

april skin