During SBS’ ‘Baek Jong Won’s Three Great Emperors’, Lee Hwi Jae made a comment that Baek Jong Won’s chicken and noticed that the ones on the bottom looked like they were cooking too fast. To this, Baek Jong Won replied, “I’ll switch the top (up) and bottom (down).”

Kim Joon Hyun giggled and stares at Hani while performing EXID’s “Up & Down” at the comment. But much to his surprise, Baek Jong Won then commented, “That’s a famous girl group song.”

The comment shocked Lee Hwi Jae and Kim Joon Hyun, who asked, “What? That’s her song. That’s Hani’s song.” Baek Jong Won seems that he sincerely didn’t know and he immediately said, “Wow, it’s an honor” while Hani laughed it off.

Check out the clip above!