“Descendants of the Sun” actress Kim Ji Won shared about her ideal type and her thoughts about her character on the interview of the magazine International bnt.

Kim Ji Won posed in a wedding dress and casual clothes for her photo shoot for the magazine International bnt and right after, she agreed to have an interview with them.

She was asked about her “Descendants of the Sun” role, the best thing about her character, and more.

She answered with all honesty and stated, “For my role in the drama, I bravely cut my long hair to short to personify Yoon Myung Joo the best. The best thing about Yoon Myung Joo was being the only one for Seo Dae Yeong. The character of Seo Dae Yeong being a stick to one and sacrificial became my ideal type right now. When we haven’t srated shooting for the drama, I became a bit worried for Jin Goo because he might feel uncomfortable being my onscreen partner because I’m 12 years younger but all that went away and Jin Goo became the best partner for me comparing to all the male leads I’ve acted with.”

Check out her photo shoot below!