song hye kyo descendants of the sun

Actor Kim Min Suk who is also part of the “Descendants of the Sun” cast showed off the gift he received from the female main lead, Song Hye Kyo.

He uploaded a photo on his official Instagram account on June 5 with caption,

“Hye Kyo noona’s housewarming gift to me!!!!! I will live by cleanly laundering my body and heart!!! I’m always thankful to you! I love you!!!!! #SongAngel #SongTeresa  #SongGoddess #GodHyeKyo #SongMinSuk #Thankyou #laundry #itcleanssowell #iwillbecomekingoflaundry”.

With the post, it just shows that their friendship are still intact although the drama has ended.

“Descendants of the Sun” ended on April 14.