For episode 14, the story continues with the meal Yoo Hye Jung and Hong Ji Hong were sharing.

Ji Hong explained how he got the soup made by Hye Jung’s father that tasted the same soup as her grandmother’s.

The next scene, Hye Jung met up with the camera and producers of the show which she will be featured on.

Nam Goong Min’s cameo continued on and he was asked to pay off his debt and bills.

Ji Hong and Hye Jung decided to take turns on taking each other to their respective home.

It was Ji Hong’s time to take Hye Jung’s home and he had a little tour on her room. He found the old book he gave to Hye Jung with her sign on it. With that, they continue their conversation that seemingly leading to a steamy one that’s why Ji Hong decided to leave. Hye Jung then stopped him that lead to Ji Hong pounding her to bed.

Hye Jung was flustered and they went out of bed. Instead, she gave him a backhug.

The surgery for Dal, the maknae son of Nam Goong Min happened but after a few days, he felt a severe headache that lead to another surgery.

Nam Goong Min was cornered by the admin and pressured him to pay the bills or else the medications won’t continue. Doctor Hye Jung then had herself as the guarantor so that the surgery will be pursued.

Because of Nam Goong Min’s piled up debt and the ad he saw wherein orphan children can get full financial support, he chose to kill himself.

He went to the rooftop of the hospital after kissing goodbye to his kids.

Hye Jung noticed it and followed him to the rooftop.

Nam Goong Min and Doctor Hye Jung then had a deep conversation that might lead to him not committing suicide.