GFriend returned to Philippines to give a spectacular show Buddies won’t forget!

GFriend held their “L.O.L Showcase” in Manila, Philippines on September 4, 2016 at The Theatre at Solaire.

This is the second stop of the group for their album showcase and this also marked as their second time in the Philippines.

GFriend started the show with two amazing performances of their debut track “Glass Bead” and “Luv Star”. After that, they began their cute interactions with fans and also shared a lot about their previous and current promotions.

The girls even revealed the meaning behind their name “GFRIEND” and also accompanied it with short surprise performances. Eunha sang a bit from her “Mask Singer” days and the girls let PH Buddies experience the infamous 2x speed dance with their track “Rough”.

The girls also had a staring game with their Filipino fans and most of the members won that made the PH Buddies do the cute aegyo punishments instead.

The girls the performed some of their tracks and finished it with their latest song from the L.O.L album, “Navillera”.

When PH Buddies thought it was over, GFriend gave an encore performance and even handed out candies to fans.

After the show, some lucky fans were able to participate to the surprise event which is the hi-touch and photo opportunity.

Thank you to Three Angles Productions for bringing GFriend to the Philippines once again and also for letting us experience and cover the show!