2PM’s Taecyeon boldly shows publicly his interest in Park Shin Hye on ‘Choi Hwa Jung Power FM’.
During the September 9 airing, DJ Choi Hwa Jung mentioned that Taecyeon sent a coffee cart to the drama sets of ‘Doctors’ for Park Shin Hye and questioned him how he got close to her. Taecyeon then shared that the two met during the shooting for ‘Three Meals a Day’.

Moreover, Choi Hwa Jung asked another question, “I remember you being very timid. Do you really like her?” Taecyeon replied, “Who wouldn’t like her? She’s so beautiful. I sent her the coffee cart because I know I’ll be participating the competition, and also many people sent them.”
Furthermore,Taecyeon gave a message to Park Shin Hye and said, “Shin Hye yah, I really enjoyed watching ‘Doctors’. I hope you enjoy filming with the coffee cart I sent. Let’s meet together soon. You are truly very beautiful.”