EXID’s Hani can’t help but cry as she bid goodbye to “Weekly Idol”.

Hani and Heechul had their last episode on Weekly Idol and as Hani is saying her goodbye to the other MCs and viewers, she cried a bit.

On the September 28th episode, Hani and Heechul got a bit emotional with their goodbyes.

Heechul stated, “I believe that every separation is the start of a new beginning. I really wish that Jung Hyung Don hyung is healthy and be on the show for the next 10, 20 more years.”

Hani also stated, “I’m really happy that Hyung Don oppa is finally returning and I’m saying this not only as a fan of him but also as an avid viewer of the show. I felt his empty space several time. What I actually like about this hosting experience is that I made a lot of friend with the same age as me. Thanks for making nice memories with me”.

The main MC Defconn then gave his gratitude to the two that led to Hani’s tears.