2NE1’s Park Bom wrote a letter to a cancer patient Blackjack.

A Malaysian Blckjack went viral after posting her journey as a cancer patient. International Blackjacks then made a way for her message to reach 2NE1 members and Park Bom responded to her and encourage her through a handwritten letter.

She wrote, “To Nat, I heard about your story. I feel really touched…and it really made me think about myself a lot…too…It means a lot to me. Hope you get well soon. And I can’t wait to see you soon…”

The Malaysian Blackjack fan named Nat then saw Bom’s message and stated her gratitude,  “Few days back im talking about myself as a cancer patient on my twitter and how i have been a fan of 2NE1 since that. I didnt expect thing actually gone viral and fanbase starting to reaching out to the 2NE1 member and talking about my condition and so on. Just now i got this from one of Park Bom friend (Ryubae) and Park Bom actually writing a letter to me. I am speechless. Did this actually happened to me? Thank you everyone. Thanks a lot, this just made my day. I have been blessed and been surrounded by a beautiful people. This thing will never happened without you guys and Ryubae. I love you @haroobommi.”