2PM Taecyeon shared how their group ate a big amount of food in just one sitting.

2PM’s Taecyeon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn guested on the JTBC variety show “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator.”

On the said episode, the MC asked about the past rumors of 2PM eating a million won worth of Korean BBQ in just one sitting. The chefs in the show were actually shocked with the revelation.

But instead of denying it, member Taecyeon even shared that only four members ate that amount at that time.


He also revealed that when they were very famous as beast idols, they were working out a lot so they also eat crazy as if they are boys from the P.E. class.

GaIn also agreed with Taecyeon and shared that she witnessed the 2PM before and that they ate hundred lamb kabobs.

Taecyeon then confessed that the 40 pieces were his.